September – December 2023 Urgent Finance Assignment

Business & Finance

Professor Nicholas failed to complete this assignment. He had more than 48 hours to complete it and still couldn’t even get half of it complete without plagiarism. I’m looking for a teacher and expert in Finance to help finish a 5 page paper. The assignment is called “Assignment 1: Stock Investment Analysis.” I must turn it in by 9am. I have the paper outlined. I just need someone that can type quickly, and follow the directions of the assignment. This assignment is NOT for anyone that lives outside the United Sates or that is NOT American. Below is the second to last e-mail I sent to Professor Nicholas. Please provide relative references and accurate figures and information.Professor Nicholas,I took your paper and put it into a paper outline. All your writing is now in {}.Yellow = Wordiness sentencesPink = Past tenseGrey = Your paper never provided these answers or included these ideas.The grey stuff is taken right from the Assignment 1 course guide description of this assignment.Please go back and fix all the color. I do not care what time you have to stay up until to finish this paper. I need this finished tonight because I have to turn in my own final for a grade by 9am tomorrow.Good luck. Next time you will remember to not skip what the assignments ask for in the beginning.Very Respectfully,Ryan

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