September – December 2023 POSCO’s Journey: Building Employee Trust Through Communication

Business & Finance

Please read the attached case study (POSCO’s Journey: Building Employee Trust Through Communication) and produce a 3-4 page analysis using what we have learned in class, your past experience, and/or your own informed opinion. Make sure also to refer to the Grading Rubric in the course syllabus. The follow questions should be addressed in your analysis:Why is trust important to companies such as POSCO that hope to attain sustainability?How is communication important to trust-building efforts?Was there anything else POSCO could have done to build employee trust through communication?While the ‘trust communication’ initiative produced some early positive results, employees continued to perceive POSCO’s culture in a negative light (i.e. it is like ‘army’ culture). Why did this discrepancy exist? What could POSCO do to address this troubling perception?Despite having one of the top three employee engagement scores among companies in South Korea in 2010, the perception that POSCO had an ‘army’ culture persisted. What could have accounted for this discrepancy?Was POSCO successful in establishing trust through communication?

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