September – December 2023 Technology Exploration

Business & Finance

During this lesson we discussed several new types of technology that can impact international business. However, there are many other types of new technology that can impact IB as well. Your task for this assignment is to find a new (introduced within the last 5 years) technological product or service that is impacting international business (or will in the next 10 years). After you find this new technology please write your initial post detailing the following:a brief explanation of the technology (around 2–3 sentences) anda brief explanation of how this tech is impacting or will impact IB (around 2–4 sentences).You are expected to research for this assignment. All source material must be cited using APA citations (this is the standard for the business discipline. If you are unfamiliar with how to cite using APA, please see the information in the optional Credo Information Literacy module under the Modules tab).

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