September – December 2023 PA 1 Paper – Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

Business & Finance

Using LIRN (or JSTOR), Internet, and the textbook, please develop and prepare an 7th APA formatted paper that provides an analysis of all of the following topics. Please include a management decision-making perspective in each topic you analyze:Define Statistics and the different types of statistics, as well as the associated terms such as variables, types of data, and scale of measurement. Provide at least one example.Define a Frequency Table and all of the associated terms. Provide at least one example.Compare the two (2) numerical ways of describing quantitative variables; measures of location and measures of dispersion. Provide at least one example.Identify and describe the ways of displaying and exploring data. Provide at least one example.Identify and describe the concepts of probability. Give at least one example.Research a company (or companies) that have used some of these concepts, and present how they were able to make strategic business decisions.Note:1. At least 2-3 pages2. Paper needs to be formatted in APA 7th edition2. Include the formulas or images if needed with the citation from textbook (need to include page numbers)3. Need to have at least 7 peer-reviewed articles as the references (Recommend to find the articles from proquest.4. Need to include textbook as the references.5. Please find the textbook and class PPTs in the attachment section.

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