September – December 2023 Comparing Netflix and Amazon prime video in India and unites states

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LITERATURE REVIEW TEMPLATE:The structure of your Literature Review should include:Literature ReviewLength: 2,500 words Submission date: 06 December 2021 Weight towards final grade: 100%Introduction Main sectionConclusionExplain what you are investigating, how and why?This should be a systematic and logical review and investigation, which highlights different debates, current discussions and any inconsistenciesin the literature.This should bring together key issues that you have identified in the review.(1) Introduction (300 words)Start your work from a provisional title explaining your review of literature direction and an introduction to the area/problem you intend to research, including aspects of it that are relevant to the following discussion. Try and define a research question(s).(2) Reviewing key literature and theoretical background of the topic of investigation (1,400 words)11 | P a g eHere you need to identify the research gap. What is already known on your topic? What theories and concepts are relevant to the topic? Make sure you give adequate consideration to the classics in your topic area, the landmarks, and the most recent developments. What policy or business implications have been derived out of this? What gaps in knowledge remain to be addressed? What is your proposed research question to address the gap?Present the key literature in a critical manner, either chronologically (tracing the development of the field over time) or comparing similarities and differences between authors and schools of thought.(3) Reviewing the research method literature (500 words)Describe and review methodologies and research designs that previous research has used, for example, qualitative, quantitative or mixed methodologies.(4) Conclusion (300 words)Write a summary of major agreements and disagreements in the literature you reviewed, identify the gap or problems in the literature, and justify your own research by showing how it will help one or more of the gaps you identified.Your work should have the following format:• A full title of the chosen topic• All pages should be numbered. Your ID number should be included as a header on each page• A full list of references should be provided using the Harvard referencing system.In your literature review please ensure that you provide an academic foundation to the chosen topic including theory, empirical evidence and references. If you use material from case studies or company websites remember that these need to be properly quoted and referenced just like all other materials.

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