September – December 2023 Faith Integration Assignment

Business & Finance

INTEGRATION OF FAITH AND LEARNING PAPER INSTRUCTIONS1) Review the Thompson text and apply your knowledge of strategy/policy and your Christian worldview.2) Search the Bible (either the Old or New Testament) for a Bible verse(s) that would guide you in answering the Ethical/Social Issues question (questions are located in another attached document).3) In a minimum of 1,000 words, discuss this Bible verse and your Christian worldview as they relate to the Ethical/Social Issues questions.A suggested format for this assignment is as follows in APA Format:a. First section: Discuss the answers to the Ethical/Social Issues question (from a strategy/policy perspective). Questions are located in another attached document, same as question 2.**NOTE: There are a total of 5 questions and each question has an attached document that corresponds to assist you in answering the question**b. Second section: State your Bible verse and then discuss the verse(s). To properly address this section, it will require biblical research to put your verse(s) into context for the next section.c. Third paragraph: Discuss/analyze the importance of the Bible verse in addressing the question from a Christian worldview perspective.

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