September – December 2023 Problem 1

Business & Finance

RACI Chart and Types of Costs ExerciseFor Week 5 you will continue to develop your project documentation by completing a RACI chart based upon the Week 2 Business Case project. The first part of the exercise will be to fill in the chart provided within the attached RACI template Excel file. This should be completed for all six (6) Key Deliverables for any  six (6) of the stakeholders you identified in Week 6 exercise.The second part of the exercise will be to copy and paste the chart into the Word template provided.  The chart should be formatted so that all information is legible and shown within the document. Then, you will draft and explanation/justification of why you made the selections you did for any one (1) of your Key Deliverables (this includes each of the Activities as well).The third part will be to provide the Types of Costs analysis. Instructions are in the attached document.Submit only the exercise completed in the Word template (not the Excel file).

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