September – December 2023 selling

Business & Finance

Explain the common basic terminology used in professional sales.Explain the importance of FAB. Create a FAB chart of 10 characteristics of your favorite product.Describe what each of the four key characteristics of a brand has to do with sellingExplain how key performance indicators (KPIs) help gauge the productivity of each salesperson.Describe the role of sales in everyday life and within an organization.You are a new sales representative for your favorite product, and you are attempting to fill your pipeline with sales leads.Describe the benefits of three prospecting sources.Describe how the sales funnel applies to qualifying and prioritizing prospects.Describe customer relationship management (CRM) system and provide an example of how it is used by a professional salesperson.Demonstrate a basic understanding of the characteristics and skills of a successful sales professional.Describe at least three characteristics of a good salesperson. Explain which you have now and which, if any, must be developed.Describe consultative selling and explain how it is different from transactional selling.Discuss the sentence, “Salespeople are communicators, not manipulators.” Explain what it means and why it’s important to know in sales.favorite brand: coke

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