September – December 2023 Complete the following problems. For assistance, you may want to refer to the attached example:

Business & Finance

Use the attached examples and complete the answer for both using both examples.You are considering buying stock A, which is a large firm with a steady business. If the economy grows rapidly, you may earn 12% on your investment. A declining economy will likely result in a 5% loss. Slow growth will return 5%.If the probability is 15% for rapid growth, 20 % for a declining economy, and 65% for slow growth, what is the expected return of the investment?You are considering investing in three stocks with the following expected returns:Stock A     2%Stock B     10%Stock C     15%What is the expected return on the portfolio if an equal amount is invested in each stock? What would the expected return be if 50% of your funds are invested in stock A and the remaining funds divided evenly between stocks B and C?

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