September – December 2023 Case Study : Tesla Assignment

Business & Finance

Case Study: Tesla Assignment InstructionsOverviewDevelop appropriate business strategies, policies and solutions for Tesla that will create sustainable competitive advantage for the company. Case information for this question can be found on page 323 of your text.The strategic management process enables organizations to achieve competitive advantage through three stages: strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy evaluation. Your strategic plan should progress through all of these phases, resulting in recommendations that establish the firm in the market with a competitive advantage they can maintain going forward.Assume you are creating a pitch to present to Tesla leadership. You will need to analyze its external/internal environment and propose strategies, policies and/or solutions based on those findings that will create a sustainable competitive advantage for the company. APA formatting is required, and a minimum of 3 sources must be utilized in addition to the text. The length of the paper should be 7-10 pages.InstructionsThe completed case must include the following components:· Executive Summary: This is a summary of your entire case study, not a summary of Tesla present day. One should be able to read the executive summary section and understand the main points of the paper· Current State of the Organization: Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Current Objectives, Current Strategies· Internal & External Analysis: SWOT, Porter’s 5 forces· Competitive advantage (current)· Evaluation and Recommendations: Strategies, policies and or solutions for implementation that will create a sustainable competitive advantage for the company based on the results of your analysis. Include implementation plan for recommendations and be sure to explain how the competitive advantage is specifically sustainable over time· Evaluation of recommendations: How will success be tracked or determined for the recommendations provided?

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