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Business & Finance

ead Chapter 1 of the course textbook, Contemporary Project Management.WatchMichael Porter: Why Business Can Be Good at Solving Social Problems(Links to an external site.).Carefully review theWalmart Case Study (Links to an external site.).Read theProject Management Case Study—Logistics Service Improvement ProjectDownload Project Management Case Study—Logistics Service Improvement Projectcarefully.You have chosen a country for the Walmart Case Study. International Logistics Services (ILS) has acquired a new warehouse and truck fleet in your selected country and within the vicinity of one or more Walmart stores. The newly acquired warehouse has 100 employees. The new director for logistics services (DLS) plans to address all the employees on Thursday. The DLS will present the vision, mission, and values. The DLS will also explain the strategic objective to secure Walmart as a customer. The DLS asks that you, the start-up project manager, follow with a presentation. The DLS asks you to deliver an audio-narrated presentation thatExplains what a project is.Describes project management.Provides a brief outline of the project goals.Illustrates the project planning steps.Summarizes how corporate social responsibility will be an important element of your project.Your initial response should contain three PowerPoint slides (five to 10 minutes total). If needed, review the Writing Center’sHow to Make a PowerPoint Presentation (Links to an external site.)resource. Graduate school students learn to assess the perspectives of several scholars. Support your response with at least one scholarly or credible source in addition to the text.

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