September – December 2023 Green Mountain Assignment

Business & Finance

For Question #1 you are to redesign one camp position/job using the Hackman/Oldham Job Dimensions model. See the attached handout explaining each dimension.  You will describe the job duties and then identify each dimension by name and include actual activities that relate to that dimension and illustrate your understanding of that dimension.  For Question #2 you will be applying the need based theories of Maslow and Herzberg with specific examples that relate to the components of their theories.  Question #2 refers to the needs of the camp counselors and how the Randall’s can fulfill the needs listed in the theories.  Question #3 refers to the empowerment of the camp counselors and how it contributes to motivation and ultimately the camp’s success.Do not include the case in your response.  This should be submitted as a paper and please be certain to use correct grammar in complete sentences.  Paragraphs will be necessary to differentiate the multiple parts in each of the two case questions.Read the instructions and the case itself carefully.  At the end of the case you will find two questions with multiple parts and a third question with one part.Book Reference:Management Fundamentals 6e By: Thomas Bateman

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