September – December 2023 Business proposal

Business & Finance

Write a detailed business proposal using the lessons learned in this class, including persuasive writing, grammar, research, APA or MLA, and advanced rhetoric, in which you will ask a venture capitalist for a portion or the entirety of startup costs.  Your business proposal should thoroughly provide industry and market research, a profile of the President or CEO (you), a detailed business plan that demonstrates how your business will operate and make money, the opportunities and benefits that your business will provide the investor and the public, and any risks that may inhibit your business’ success.Your proposal will be written in APA or MLA format and will be supported with credible and accurate research, which you will correctly cite and reference.  You will also make use of at least one graphic aid, which will include a data table, chart, or graph.  You will provide your paper on a discussion forum for peer review by your classmates, and you will incorporate your peer(s)’ suggestions into your final draft.  You will turn your paper in via the TurnItIn web app, provided by CSN for free, to detect plagiarism.Parts:Cover Page (1 page)Executive Summary (1 page maximum)Body (min 7, max 9 pages)IntroductionIndustry and Market BackgroundBusiness PlanPersonal ProfileStrengths and OpportunitiesWeaknesses and ThreatsConclusionSources Page (1 or more pages)Appendix or Appendices (1 or more pages)Each of these sections or parts of the proposal will be covered in the weekly modules.

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