September – December 2023 Finc 340 – Continuing with Portfolio Project Mgmt

Business & Finance

Prof Scofield,Please see the attached excel, that you’ll need to post all the work to.  The previous work you’ve done, you didn’t follow instructions and posted on a separate excel.  Please repost to the correct excel.  I’ve attached  the assignment you originally submitted, so you can pull it and paste it to the excel that I will need to be using.  Also, please rectify the IPS statement that was also done incorrectly.  You can see my comments that I’ll post within the handshake – w/the my professor’s feedback on the IPS statement.In continuing the assignment, you’ll need to:Select 5 bonds for the portfolio and record all required information and Select 5 options for the portfolio and record all required information.  Also, update Update price information for the stocks/bonds (you did before)This will need to also be posted to the excel I have uploaded.  Let me know if you have any questions.****See ORIGINAL post for any extra documents/attachments you may need. this is the last post you had submitted work for me in regards to the project:

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